Audacy Constellation (Source: Audacy Space)

Audacy secures over $100 million in commercial commitments

Mountain View, California-based Audacy announced this week it has secured pre-service commercial agreements valued at over $100 million for its inter-satellite data relay network. The companies participating in the agreements “span across the globe” and over a wide range of applications, including Earth Observation satellites, Internet of Things (IoT) and broadband constellations, launch vehicles, and deep space missions.

Audacy provides a combination of ground-based teleport stations and space-based relay satellites to more quickly move data between satellites and end-users.  With as many as 20,000 new satellites projected to enter service in the next 5 years, satellite operators are looking for a way to more quickly move data between hardware in orbit to users on the ground without having to wait for a satellite to reach a ground station.   Data delivery though Audacy would occur at any time for satellites using the service, instead of incurring several hours delay by using one or two ground stations.

Three Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites will make up the space-based portion of Audacy’s relay network, with its satellites expected to be ready for commercial operation in 2020 while the network of earth stations is turned up in early 2019.

More than half of Audacy’s agreements are with U.S.-based companies with the remainder split between Europe and Asia-Pacific, including countries like China, Japan, India, Australia and Singapore. Among the regions, Audacy says its biggest growth has been in Asia-Pacific, helped by the opening of its Singapore office last year.

Among Audacy’s announced customers are Hiber Global and HydroSat. The company has raised around $11 million in venture funding so far. Depending the wording and strength of the agreements, Audacy could use them to raise more venture money and/or secure other types of financing.

Doug Mohney

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