Exolaunch cubesat dispenser for Spire mission (Source: Exolaunch)

Exolaunch awarded PSLV launch contract for Spire satellites

Germany’s Exolaunch announced it has a contract to put four Spire cubesats into orbit on an Indian PSLV launch early in 2020.   The company has helped to deploy around one-third of Spire’s 100 satellite constellation to date.

“Spire first launched to an equatorial orbit on a PSLV mission in 2015, and we are excited to again be launching to a low inclination orbit with NSIL, this time through Exolaunch,” said Robert Sproles, Director of Ground Stations and Launch for Spire. “Exolaunch has been a long-standing consistent launch partner for Spire, and we’re excited to see them expand their portfolio to include NSIL.”

Exolaunch will arrange launch services and mission technical support, using its 12U EXOpod to deploy the cubesats. The company will work with India’s NSIL organization for launch services onboard the PSLV launch. To date, Exolaunch has organized and launched 86 satellites for customers including New Space startups, universities, space agencies, and scientific institutions.

Doug Mohney

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