SpaceX PAZ/TinTin launch (Source: SpaceX)

Fleet satellite IoT ground portals shipping, satellites certified for launch

Adelaide-based Fleet Space Technologies announced it is shipping its first satellite IoT gateway equipment to customers, reports its latest email. In addition, the company’s first two satellites have also been approved for flight by the Australian government.

The Fleet Portal, as the satellite IoT gateway is called, lists for $1999 (Australian dollars), and can use Iridium and Inmarsat services today, with the ability to use Fleet’s satellites in the future. It is the first fully integrated satellite/LoRAWAN gateway, according to the company, and includes an edge server, satellite modem, and integrated antenna.

Fleet Portal is fully compatible with LoRAWAN 1.0.2B standard for Class A and C devices and will support up to 100 sensors within a 15 kilometer (roughly 10 mile) range of the device.  Service connection cost is $29 (AUS) per month with 10 devices included. Additional devices are $3 (AUS) per month.

Part of Fleet’s value is using proprietary software to enable optimization of satellite bandwidth through a combination of on-site analytics of data and compression.  Raw data is never sent, so Fleet gets the most out of the satellite bandwidth, enabling customers to pay much less for monthly sensor monitoring.

Ultimately, most Fleet Portal data will be moved by a constellation of 100 nanosatellites.  Centauri 1 and 2 have been granted Overseas Launch Certificates by the Australian Government, so they can be put on a rocket and ultimately into orbit.  Last month, Fleet announced Centauri I will go onboard an Indian PSLV expected to go up sometime this summer while Centauri II will be a passenger onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base no earlier than the second half this year.

Doug Mohney

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