Hiber teams with Actility on LoRaWAN IoT solution

Amsterdam-based Hiber announced it is going live with LoRaWAN customers in September, working with Actility to provide global IoT (Internet of Things) coverage. LoRaWAN has become a significant technology for the new wave of satellite IoT startups, with Eutelsat, Fleet Space Technologies, Fossa Systems and Lacuna Space all planning to use the open standard built around ISM spectrum.

“Actility is excited to collaborate with Hiber and to offer its clients and partners the capability to deploy use cases that require global coverage, “Olivier Hersent, CEO and co-founder of Actility, said. ”In particular, oil & gas and continent-to-continent logistics [organizations] operating in remote industrial areas will greatly benefit from the collaboration.”

Hiber didn’t disclose specific customers in its release. The company said the collaboration with Actility would enable IoT use cases in “hard-to-reach places” all over the world, citing applications in global logistics, remote agriculture, oil & gas, mining and scientific sectors.

LoRaWAN is an IoT standard being used across a number of service providers and enterprises, with uses including smart city deployments, utilities, and industrial.   Actility will provide its ThingParkWireless and ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN management services with Hiber providing remote area IoT connectivity through its global Hiberband service.

Hiber has developed a software interface to connect Hiberband with Actility’s LoRaWAN connectivity and management services, enabling the encapsulation of IoT data into LoRaWAN and transmitted by the Hiberband network. End users and service providers will be able to see, manage and operate remote LoRaWAN-powered devices using Actility ThingPark interfaces.

The company currently has two satellites in orbit and has plans to build a constellation of 50 satellites for rapid revisits/data pick up around the globe. Hiber is expected to disclose more technical details around Hiberband and its current commercial service offerings later this month.

Doug Mohney

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