Satellogic January 15 launch (Source: Satellogic)

Satellogic launches two more imaging satellites

Last week, earth observation company Satellogic put two more satellites into orbit. The company now has a total of 10 satellites in orbit and plans a series of launches throughout 2020 to add more capabilities and decrease revisit time.

Satellites “Sophie and Marie” were launched onboard a China Long March 2D rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on January 15 at 2:53 AM UTC. Both satellites were successfully delivered into orbit and have verified operational health.  Both satellites are equipped with a multi spectral camera with 1 meter resolution and a hyperspectral camera with 30 meter resolution.

“All of us at Satellogic are thrilled to have two more spacecraft in orbit,” said Marco Bressan, Satellogic’s Chief Product Officer. “This launch expands our capacity to serve present and future customers. We have a full pipeline, and we’re in an excellent position to meet the rising demand for geospatial solutions and services at a disruptive cost.”

Over the next 24 months Satellogic plans to put over 80 more satellites into orbit, enabling revisit coverage of anywhere on the planet in under an hour or less, as well as providing meter resolution coverage of the entire earth’s surface on a daily basis.  Construction of new satellites will take place in Uruguay in Satellogic’s expanded assembly, integration, and test facility, with the new spacecraft launched into orbit from China under an agreement signed in January 2019.

 “We are always looking for ways to better meet our customers’ needs, which is why we’re excited to share the details of our upcoming launch and AIT facility expansion,” said Emiliano Kargieman, Satellogic’s CEO and founder. “With these expanded capabilities on earth and in-orbit, we are prepared to further scale our production and deliver insights at high-resolution and improved frequency for our customers. These expanded capabilities serve as important milestones for Satellogic, as we continue to track towards a completed Earth Observation satellite constellation.”

Satellogic provides actionable insights based on AI and data analytics to a broad range of industries, including agriculture, forestry, energy, finance & insurance, and critical infrastructure, as well as imagery to a growing number of government and commercial customers.  The company recently closed $50 million in funding to add more satellites and continue commercial expansion.  Founded in 2010, Satellogic is a global company with 180 employees and offices in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Montevideo, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Beijing, Charlotte and Miami.

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